Avoid problems in the future by getting things right at the start. Lynne will visit you at home and help you to get the best out of your puppy. If your goal is a healthy, happy, confident and well behaved dog in the future then Lynne can help you acheive this and more.

You may already be experiencing unwanted behaviours such as mouthing, weeing or pooing in the house, jumping up, or barking through the night. Or you might just want to get off to the best possible start and ensure that your puppy is properly socialised – the sooner the better.

It is much easier to rectify problems in a puppy than to wait until your dog is an adult and try to put things right then.

How about a ‘pre puppy’ visit?

Before you bring puppy home or even when you are first considering taking on a puppy, Lynne can help you prepare and tell you what you should consider when making your choice.

Once your Puppy Home Visit is complete backup is only a phone call or email away for as long as it is needed if the guidelines are being followed. If Lynne feels that it is necessary she will also revisit at no extra cost providing you are following the guidelines.

Puppy Home Visits are available throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Please contact Lynne Davies Dog Training for prices and availability.