Do you have a ‘problem dog’ with aggression, destructiveness, over excitement, fearfulness or separation anxiety? These are just a few of the unwanted behaviours that people often struggle with. Whether a Rescue Dog or a dog that has been with you since a puppy, whatever the issue Lynne Davies Dog Training can help.

Lynne will visit you at home and attack the problem at grass roots, whilst helping you to understand why your dog is doing these things and how you can rectify the behaviour. Observing your dog in it’s home environment will give a true picture so that it can be dealt with in the most appropriate way, even if the behaviour is normally exhibited outside the home.

Once the initial consultation is complete backup is included to guide you through the process providing you are following the guidelines agreed on. Help and reassurance is only a phone call or email away. If Lynne needs to re visit to help if you are struggling with the process there is no additional cost providing you are following the guidelines.

Due to Lynne’s reputation for turning around dogs that have been visited by numerous Behaviourists before her, she comes highly recommended by vets. Having worked with ‘problem dogs’ since 1998 she has many years of practical experience.

If you have enlisted the help of others in the past who have failed to help, don’t give up. Contact Lynne Davies who will be pleased to reassure you that help is on hand.

Behavioural Consultations are available throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Please contact Lynne Davies Dog Training for prices and availability.