In 2006 Lynne was approached by producers from the BBC and subsequently offered a position as an Instructor on Dog Borstal. The series proved extremely successful attracting half a million viewers per episode and Lynne then went on to film a further two series.

Along with fellow instructors Mic Martin and Robert Alleyne, Lynne Davies helped turn around the fortunes of many dogs with a long list of Behavioural Issues.  Each owner and dog combination spent a total of four days at Dog Borstal and underwent a rigorous training regime.  Owners camped out in tents whilst their dogs had the luxury of spotless, warm kennels in which to relax after a hard days work!

Each owner had previously applied for the series via the BBC and from thousands of applications had found themselves on a shortlist.  A camera and production crew were then sent to their homes to record their dog’s unwanted behaviours and eventually they were notified that they could attend Dog Borstal.

Their four days took them on a roller coaster ride of emotion and they were pushed to their limits to get the best possible improvement out of their dogs.  There were tears and tantrums, heartbreak and celebration, but they were all there for one reason and one reason only, they loved their dogs and wanted to sort out the problems.

Lynne thoroughly enjoyed her time on Dog Borstal and is in touch with many of the owners who trained under her guidance.

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